3 Mukhi Rudraksha

A three Mukhi Rudraksha has three natural lines or Mukhas on its surface. 3 Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of Three Deva i.e. (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha). The ruling diety of this Rudraksha is Lord Agni (Fire). This Rudraksha destroys all the sins done by a person in his past life and makes him pure on a spiritual level like Agni does with all those who come in its contact.

The person who wears this Rudraksha after proper Sidhhi ( method of purification & charging with Mantra) will always get the blessings of three powers and accompanied by three Deva. Ideal for those who suffer from inferior complexes, subjective fear, guilt and depression. Recommended for blood defect, plague, small pox, digestive problems , blood pressure, weakness, disturbed menstrual cycle, spontaneous abortion and ulcer. Effective for asthma , and for cases in which a person often has fever.

The Wearer of the Rudraksha should chant related Rudraksha Mantra along with Rudraksha Utpatti Mantra (Mantra for the Rudraksha Origin) daily at least 9 times while wearing and removing in the night before going to sleep.