15 Mukhi Rudraksha

This rudraksha represents Lord Pashupatinath and is related to fifteen tithi (i.e.; Indian calendar dates). It is believed that when Lord Vishwakarma made all the deadly weapons for all the Devta; he prayed to Lord Shiva prior to that for the blessing for success. He in result got the fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha from Lord Shiva as Blessing.

The person who wears this Rudraksha after proper Sidhhi will get success on all the seven days of the week in his all ventures. The wearer of this Rudraksha has strong wit and intelligence. He talks with different people and at different places as per the place and opposite person with his Brains and intelligence and wins the discussions.

This Rudraksha increases the Sperm in males and makes him very strong. The person who wear this Rudraksha he gains all the comforts and happiness in his life.