Hinduism In Ghana (West Africa)

Some time ago, I think the hinduism only in india and some other countries. But when, I talk(met) with my friend Narayana (big devotee of lord shiva) From Ghana (country in west africa). Then I feel the hinduism is no limitations this is every where around the world in different countries and in different forms. Narayana told me there is lot of hindu’s in ghana. They are living there (in ghana) from generations. I feel very good when i met with Narayana. He is a big devotee of lord shiva and, I am also. Narayana Submitted some pictures about hinduism in ghana. There are down here. Please watch hinduism in ghana by pictures submitted by my friend Narayana from ghana.

This page is dedicated to devotee’s of lord shiva in ghana (country in west africa) and for my friend Narayana (a big devotee of lord shiva). Narayana you take very good pictures.

Disclaimer :- The above hinduism pictures are submitted by the devotee’s of lord shiva from ghana and my friend Narayana from ghana.